The Lightech 700mA 12W constant current on/off driver is suitable for powering:

  • LuxR Modux 2 (1-5 fittings)
  • LuxR Modux 4 (1-3 fittings)
  • Hunza Mouse Lite PureLED (1-3 fittings) 

This includes:

- M2 Bracket Spot, M2 Spike Spot, M2 Spike Spot with Glare Guard, M2 Step Light, M2 Path Light

- M4 Bracket Spot, M4 Spike Spot, M4 Spike Spot with Glare Guard

- Mouse Lite PureLED


It has a weatherproof rating of IP67, so it is capable of withstanding the British climate, however it is recommended to house it in a weatherproof box. The maximum distance from the driver to the furthest fitting is 60m.

It is an on/off driver. For a 1-10V dimmable driver for the above fittings go to Dimmable LED Driver - 700mA 36W.


  • Suitable for: 1-5 fittings from the LuxR Modux 2 range, 1-3 fittings from the LuxR Modux 4 range, 1-3 Hunza Mouse Lite PureLED fittings
  • Input V: 230V
  • Output V: 2-18V
  • Output W: 700mA 12W
  • Dimmable: No
  • Max distance to furthest fitting: 60m with 1.5mm or 2.5mm cable
  • Dimensions:  22mm x 24mm x 105mm
  • Cable length: 400mm
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Auto reset: Yes
  • Availability: 48 hours for in-stock items
  • Delivery: Free delivery within the UK
  • Code: T-M-97404


Specification Sheet