The Glare Guard can be attached to the Spike Spot, Adjustable Spike Spot, Adjustable Wall Spot and Wall Down Lite to minimise light spill and protect the eye from direct glare. It screws on in place of the original lens cap and does not affect the IP rating of the fitting.

  • Finish: Copper, marine grade 316 stainless steel, black powder coated aluminium, bronze powder coated aluminium


  • Dimensions: Diameter 63.5mm, Height 70mm
  • Warranty: 10 yrs for copper & stainless steel body, 5 yrs for eco-matt powder coated body
  • Availability: 48 hours for in-stock items / 2-3 weeks for out of stock items
  • Delivery: Free delivery within the UK
  • Code: GG


Specification Sheet