The Lightech 1050mA 48W constant current dimmable driver is suitable for powering:

  • 2-7 fittings from the Hunza PureLED range

This includes the Pagoda Lite PureLED, Adjustable Wall Spot PureLED, Wall Down Lite PureLED and the Pillar Lite PureLED. Please note that the Pillar Lite has two LED light sources so this driver will only power up to 3 fittings.

It is not suitable for the Mouse Lite. For those you need a 700mA driver. Either the On/Off LED Driver - 700mA 12W or the Dimmable LED Driver - 700mA 36W (see the Mouse Lite PureLED page for details).

It has a weatherproof rating of IP65, so it is OK to be sited outside, however it is recommended to house it in a weatherproof box. The maximum distance from the driver to the furthest fitting is 60m.

It is a dimmable driver. For an on/off driver for the above fittings go to On/Off LED Driver - 1050mA 33W.


  • Suitable for: 2-7 fittings from the Hunza PureLED range
  • Input V: 230V
  • Output V: 12-43V
  • Output W: 1050mA 48W
  • Dimmable: Yes (0-10V)
  • Max distance to furthest fitting: 60m with 1.5mm or 2.5mm cable
  • Dimensions:  30mm x 41mm x 153mm
  • Cable length: 350mm
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Auto reset: Yes
  • Availability: 48 hours for in-stock items
  • Delivery: Free delivery within the UK
  • Code: T-D-93010235


Specification Sheet